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Ron Hart Live at The Atlanta Punchline

Ron Hart on Huckabee

“Biden could throw a surprise party for himself”

About Ron

Ron Hart grew up in Columbia, Tennessee, he graduated from The University of Memphis and the Institute for Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University. Ron was an SAE, elected Interfraternity Council President and student government president. Upon getting his MBA, he went to work for Goldman Sachs. He was appointed to the Tennessee Board of Regents by then Governor Lamar Alexander….

About the Editor

Michelle Covert, wife of a retired Naval Officer, self-described Grammar Nazi and rabid Kansas Jayhawk, has been editing for Ron Hart since at least 2007 (it’s easy to lose track of time when you’re having this much fun).  Ron has dubbed her the “Princess of Punctuation,” and she wears the label proudly.  She thoroughly enjoys her “job” as Ron’s editor and her association with his amazing family.  She and her husband live in Ocala, Florida.

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