Trump And Putin Put In A Small Room

It is good to see Putin and Trump meet. Between our two countries, we have 90 percent of the world’s nuclear weapons; it is best we get along. An isolated and angry Russia would not be good for the rest of the world. Obama (or Hillary, had she won) would have gotten another Nobel PeaceContinue reading “Trump And Putin Put In A Small Room”

Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation

We all kept looking for the evidence that, as the Democrats and their media kept saying, Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians. As of last week, there was no evidence, and then he bombed Russia’s ally, Syria. So the final answer is: Nyet! Since most are disciplined and rewarded by the Democrat machineContinue reading “Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation”

Putin, And Blaming Others: Dems Desperately Seek To Delegitimize Election

As Obama and fellow Democrat travelers in the media work down their checklist of excuses for being demolished in the election, Russian email leaking is the latest “dog who ate their homework.” Liberals blame the messenger, not the message. But their policies will not work, and their party is corrupt. Instead, they blame the messengersContinue reading “Putin, And Blaming Others: Dems Desperately Seek To Delegitimize Election”