Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas

Let me say upfront: I’m a free-market libertarian, and I never advocate for more regulation — mainly because it doesn’t work and it is done by government (which I trust only one-tenth as much as I trust business). If you study history, our nation’s biggest financial problems stemmed from highly regulated areas: the mortgage crisis,Continue reading “Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas”

Facebook Unfriends Our Increasingly Over-Regulated Capital Markets

Facebook really seems to have “legs.” I thought the phenomenon of this social networking site would have slowed down a few years ago after folks reviewed my family reunion pictures from Dollywood, but I was wrong. Perhaps I will post pictures from my upcoming trip to Euro-Dollywood, which I think is in Alabama. Facebook recentlyContinue reading “Facebook Unfriends Our Increasingly Over-Regulated Capital Markets”

Spitzer Swallows A CNN Show?

It has become alarmingly apparent that pop culture is more important than substantive news reporting. Infamy, which allows vapid “stars” or dubious “celebrities” to insert themselves into the public discourse, has become commonplace. Witness the curious case of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who is in negotiations with CNN to host a one-hour show.Continue reading “Spitzer Swallows A CNN Show?”