Bin Laden Lives On Through the TSA

We celebrated our freedoms on the Fourth of July, but we seem to be slowly losing them. The wars we are still funding and the TSA are prime examples of how knee-jerk government policies, once set in motion in reaction to fears both real and imagined, hurt the very people they profess to protect. SadlyContinue reading “Bin Laden Lives On Through the TSA”

Where We Let Terrorists Really Hurt Us

With the TSA handling more packages than Fed-Ex this holiday season, we need to revisit our overreaction to the sucker punch that was 9/11. We know that the 9/11 hijackers were a loose band of religious zealots carrying out the commands of Osama bin Laden. They had no army and not many followers. The onlyContinue reading “Where We Let Terrorists Really Hurt Us”

The TSA: We Do Chicken Right!

Government, which grows not out of necessity but by insisting upon itself, needs to slow down. We need to revisit the balance among freedom, cost and security and not continue to double down on bad policies. The latest is the TSA’s (stands for “Thousands Standing Around”) directive to be more intrusive in its new “enhancedContinue reading “The TSA: We Do Chicken Right!”