Incomprehensible Laws And The Legislators Who Layer Them

“Bart, we live in a society of laws. Why do you think I took you to all those Police Academy movies? For FUN!? Well I didn’t hear anybody laughing! Did you?” —Homer Simpson, to his son Bart Incomprehensible laws on when an incoming president’s National Security Adviser can talk to a Russian Ambassador cost MikeContinue reading “Incomprehensible Laws And The Legislators Who Layer Them”

Let’s Make Capitalism Cool Again

Inside Barack Obama’s rhetoric of “income inequality” and “attack the rich,” used mainly to sway envy-driven, simple minds, was always a dangerous subtext: Capitalism and entrepreneurs are bad. Trump needs to get us back to our capitalist roots, cut government, and start running government like a business. Now only 3.6% of 30-year-olds or younger ownContinue reading “Let’s Make Capitalism Cool Again”

Hey, Let’s Elect A Dumb President Who Pays More Taxes Than Owed!

News flash: Donald Trump does not try to pay any more federal taxes than he owes. The extension of the Clinton campaign, The New York Times, giddily – and maybe illegally but certainly without authorization –  revealed a portion of Donald Trump’s personal tax return from 1995, which showed him taking a $912 million loss. Maybe theContinue reading “Hey, Let’s Elect A Dumb President Who Pays More Taxes Than Owed!”