Even Out Of Power, Dems Control A Lot With Saul Alinsky Tactics

Soviet Marxist leader Joseph Stalin’s infamous boast about elections was: “It’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes.” No group knows that better than today’s power-hungry Democrats, especially in Broward County, Florida. They do not want to have substantive debates on issues; they would rather paint the otherContinue reading “Even Out Of Power, Dems Control A Lot With Saul Alinsky Tactics”

On The Path Of Totalitarianism

And then one day, for no particular reason, people were mad at statues. — Forrest Gump if he were alive today In the divisive issue of what to do with Confederate statues around the country, one reason we should take a breath here and not engage in the politics of history is to understand the past.Continue reading “On The Path Of Totalitarianism”