How To Lose A Man In Ten Days

Season One of Survivor: Trump White House has been nonstop fun. In this week’s episode: Spicer out. Reince Priebus out. Anthony Scaramucci in, then out.  Scaramucci was brought in to get rid of leaks and clean up the White House. Trump reasoned that a Scaramucci from New York should know how to protect a Don. But heContinue reading “How To Lose A Man In Ten Days

Political Divisiveness: What Happened To Bourbon And Branch Water?

“A jackass can kick a barn down, but it cannot build anything.” —  Speaker of the House Sam Rayburn, D-TX For the kids out there, once upon a time Democrats and Republicans worked together for the betterment of the country. Yes, I know it sounds crazy. Back then, you could be a Republican and readContinue reading “Political Divisiveness: What Happened To Bourbon And Branch Water?”

The Texas Two-Step Into The Transgender Bathroom Non-Issue

Hey Texas, here’s a Prince of an idea: No matter the new bathroom laws, let’s potty like it’s 1999. The manufactured debate on same-sex restroom use rights now has Texas grappling with the same tar baby that North Carolina fumbled. Usually,  through a series of procedural machinations, stupid bills in Texas are sent to committeeContinue reading “The Texas Two-Step Into The Transgender Bathroom Non-Issue”

Illi-noise: Another ‘Progressive’ Blue State Cannot Pay Its Bills

It was a nice summer day in Illinois. Kids were enjoying their summer break, diving for murder weapons in the Chicago River when news broke that the state of Illinois had been downgraded to junk bond status. Unchecked growth in government and the inability to tax fleeing citizens and corporations were the cause. “I amContinue reading “Illi-noise: Another ‘Progressive’ Blue State Cannot Pay Its Bills”

Russia, Hookers, And The Democrats’ Big Swing And A Miss At Trump

It was a steamy Fourth of July week in Washington, so humid that CNN was sticking to its story. Since it began, I have said in this column that this Russian investigation was a media-contrived witch hunt. When you are a billionaire president and the most powerful person in the United States, and our government’sContinue reading “Russia, Hookers, And The Democrats’ Big Swing And A Miss At Trump”

The Fourth of July Has Lost Meaning Of Freedom

“Freedom…is not an endlessly expanding list of rights — the “right” to education, the “right” to food and housing. That’s not freedom, that’s dependency. Those aren’t rights, those are the rations of slavery.” — P.J.O’Rourke Independence Day, a great American tradition, is upon us. Set against the pent-up tension of having to be around all yourContinue reading “The Fourth of July Has Lost Meaning Of Freedom”

Comedy Leads To Tragedy?

The bitter tone the left has taken toward the GOP, both in media and entertainment, made the shooting of Republicans practicing baseball quite predictable. Instead of debating policy differences, those on the left resort to calling their opponents “evil,” and then seek to vilify, humiliate and destroy them. This is done nightly by hosts ofContinue reading “Comedy Leads To Tragedy?”

Comey Hearings — We Also Get “Queasy” Watching Washington

We have doubled the nation’s debt from $10 trillion to $20 trillion in the last eight years, growing the police state. ISIS is on the march. North Korea and Iran have nukes. We have a mucked-up health care system, a sluggish economy, and the highest corporate tax and imprisonment rates of any country in theContinue reading “Comey Hearings — We Also Get “Queasy” Watching Washington”

Coddled Millennials’ Lack Of Preparedness Hurts Economy

A Pew Research Center study confirmed what most of us already knew.  More Millennials (those born after 1982), around 35%, are living with their parents rather than alone or with a partner. You’ve heard of “empty nest syndrome.”  We now suffer from full basement syndrome. The poll, showing that 26% of even college grads moveContinue reading “Coddled Millennials’ Lack Of Preparedness Hurts Economy”

Trump Upsets the Ruling Class With His POTUS-Operandi

If you wonder why the entirety of Washington and the entrenched ruling class of major cities hate Trump, it is simple. He may mess up their honey hole, the mindless money faucet that is Washington D.C. — and thus, the power so many derive from it. Too much power over our lives has been sentContinue reading “Trump Upsets the Ruling Class With His POTUS-Operandi”