Even Out Of Power, Dems Control A Lot With Saul Alinsky Tactics

Soviet Marxist leader Joseph Stalin’s infamous boast about elections was: “It’s not the people who vote that count; it’s the people who count the votes.” No group knows that better than today’s power-hungry Democrats, especially in Broward County, Florida. They do not want to have substantive debates on issues; they would rather paint the otherContinue reading “Even Out Of Power, Dems Control A Lot With Saul Alinsky Tactics”

Modern-Day Barnstorming At A Trump Rally

When President Trump stopped for a rally in Chattanooga, Tennessee, one of the papers that carries my column got me press passes to go. So, in order to better understand this slice of Americana, I went. It was fun being in the press cesspool during the rally, with Trump pointing at us and calling usContinue reading “Modern-Day Barnstorming At A Trump Rally”

Raising A Generation Of Wimps, Losing A Generation Of Entrepreneurs

Teen Vogue showed the ignorance of a poorly educated and lazy generation by trashing capitalism in favor of socialism. The magazine told kids who act like they read Teen Vogue that capitalism has left the world in a “dystopian ‘Mad Max’ nightmare in which resources have dwindled and rich plutocrats own everything.” In this view, we should striveContinue reading “Raising A Generation Of Wimps, Losing A Generation Of Entrepreneurs”

Mr. West Goes East — Kanye Raps A Song Trump Likes

Kanye West left California and flew East to visit with Donald Trump. Their meeting was quite interesting. Now, the media has to redouble their efforts to destroy Kanye, an African American who dares to think for himself and is trying to escape the Democrat plantation that owns the black vote. It is hypocritical that theContinue reading “Mr. West Goes East — Kanye Raps A Song Trump Likes”

To the Left, You Are Either Tool Or An Obstacle

The Kavanaugh circus was ugly, but it was good for the country to see how the far left has hijacked the Democrat Party and what levels they are willing to stoop to for their social justice causes. Trying to destroy a man and his family for political gain and betraying the confidence of Dr. Blasey Ford byContinue reading “To the Left, You Are Either Tool Or An Obstacle”

My Colonoscopy, Like The Kavanaugh Probe Results, Came Back Negative

One-in-three folks over fifty who need a colonoscopy fail to have one. That’s nuts. It’s easier than it’s ever been, and not getting this thing done might kill you. So schedule one now, before Obamacare implodes further and you can only see your doctor in a few years if you sign up to caddy onContinue reading “My Colonoscopy, Like The Kavanaugh Probe Results, Came Back Negative”

Kavanaugh Gets ‘Borked’: That’s Your New Democratic Party

Searching through the mists of time (36 years ago), and at the 11th hour of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process, the Left has stage-managed accusations against Trump’s nominee. And in this orchestrated accusation, the accuser does not remember the place and the time. Everyone she said knew of the incident denies it. Who knowsContinue reading “Kavanaugh Gets ‘Borked’: That’s Your New Democratic Party”

Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas

Let me say upfront: I’m a free-market libertarian, and I never advocate for more regulation — mainly because it doesn’t work and it is done by government (which I trust only one-tenth as much as I trust business). If you study history, our nation’s biggest financial problems stemmed from highly regulated areas: the mortgage crisis,Continue reading “Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas”

Covering Trump Is Like Drinking Water Through A Fire Hose

Having written this column for 16 years, I find that there has never been a time when the news and actions in Washington moved so fast. Trump is getting things done. Half the country says Trump is crazy and turning Washington on its ear. The other half of the country agrees but says that’s whatContinue reading “Covering Trump Is Like Drinking Water Through A Fire Hose”

Teens Having Less Sex: Blame Libertarians

The Centers for Disease Control has reported a sharp drop in the number of teenagers having sex. About 44 percent of teenage girls admitted to doing it, down from 51 percent in 1988, late in the Reagan years. Those who are having sex are using protection; teen births have plummeted 57 percent in 30 years.Continue reading “Teens Having Less Sex: Blame Libertarians”