When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline

Here is what has happened so far in Special Counsel Mueller’s collusion probe and how government has spent our $20 million. As the FBI was ignoring specific and spot-on citizens’ tips that could have stopped the Florida school shooting, it continued to chase around political campaign volunteers for not filling out their paperwork just right.Continue reading “When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline”

Mueller Is Weaponizing Criminal Law For Political Gain

As most assumed, lobbyist and fired Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted by Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. This indictment had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign. The investigation into Russian collusion by Trump has been an expensive, media-encouraged attempt to find some major smoking gun. So far, this  “scandal” hasn’t lived up to itsContinue reading “Mueller Is Weaponizing Criminal Law For Political Gain”

Russia, Hookers, And The Democrats’ Big Swing And A Miss At Trump

It was a steamy Fourth of July week in Washington, so humid that CNN was sticking to its story. Since it began, I have said in this column that this Russian investigation was a media-contrived witch hunt. When you are a billionaire president and the most powerful person in the United States, and our government’sContinue reading “Russia, Hookers, And The Democrats’ Big Swing And A Miss At Trump”

Mueller?…. Mueller?…. Mueller?

So a special counsel has been hired, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to look into something about Trump — I think. Mueller is well respected by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and has their unwavering support — right up until he renders a conclusion different from their own theory. Then heContinue reading “Mueller?…. Mueller?…. Mueller?”