Donald Trump Might Throw His Hair Into the Presidential Ring

The great recession for op-ed humorists may end if Donald Trump throws his hair into the ring for president. Our long national nightmare will be over. Obama, while providing great fodder for humorists, insulates himself from jokes by being racially hyper-sensitive. In fact, his symbiotic relationship with the media allows them to paint any criticismContinue reading “Donald Trump Might Throw His Hair Into the Presidential Ring”

Boehner’s First Boner: Why Do ‘Small Government’ Politicians Push the Most Intrusive Laws?

John Boehner said Friday that he was going after the Defense of Marriage Act (signed by Clinton), after Obama said his Justice Department will not defend it. Republicans won a landslide election in November with a clear message: Get America’s fiscal house in order and reduce the role of government. So what do they doContinue reading “Boehner’s First Boner: Why Do ‘Small Government’ Politicians Push the Most Intrusive Laws?”

We Must Support Politicians Who Cut Spending

“First Lady Michelle Obama told Regis & Kelly she was expecting jewelry on Valentine’s Day. She said it wouldn’t be anything extravagant because Barack tends to be responsible when he’s spending his own money.” — Jay Lenohttps We can make the necessarily austere decisions now, or we can have them forced upon us later. InContinue reading “We Must Support Politicians Who Cut Spending”

Arizona Shooting Sparks Calls For Yet More Unenforced Gun Laws

“If we outlaw guns, only outlaws will have guns.” ~ old bumper sticker In the wake of the Tucson shootings, the left dusted off its tired old arguments for gun control. Dick Durbin, a liberal from Illinois (the near-bankrupt state that just raised income taxes), justified calling for limits on free speech by implying thatContinue reading “Arizona Shooting Sparks Calls For Yet More Unenforced Gun Laws”

Looking Back At 2010

As I do at the end of each year (which usually elicits many e-mails, but I am going to do it again anyway), here is my look back at 2010. England’s Prince William became engaged to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, whose charisma reminds many of Princess Diana. The Royal Family hopes Kate does not upstageContinue reading “Looking Back At 2010”

Pork Bill Showdown: A Win For the GOP

The resounding win by the Republicans in November holds the promise of getting some control on spending in Washington. It seems, for the moment, that Congress is focusing on this goal, thanks to its members’ feet being held to the fire by the Tea Party. Like the 2006 election, the 2010 midterms were decided byContinue reading “Pork Bill Showdown: A Win For the GOP”

WikiLeaks — Danger or Disinfectant?

“Which country is suffering from too much freedom of speech? Name it, is there one?” — Julian Assange, 2010 WikiLeaks upset and embarrassed world leaders by recently publishing another round of secret government documents. If the Democrats really want our intelligence data to be secret, they need to hide them where they hid Obama’s SAT scoresContinue reading “WikiLeaks — Danger or Disinfectant?”

Midterm Elections: A Red Wave

Facing historic losses in the midterm elections, President Obama took to urban radio to reassure his base and whine his case. He said he does not get enough credit for all he has done. He took a situation that was in trouble and terrible disrepair two years ago and brought it back from the brinkContinue reading “Midterm Elections: A Red Wave”

South Carolina Goes Greene

A telling story is unfolding in the Democrat Senate primary in South Carolina. This one might take the cake, even in a state affectionately known as “The Jerry Springer Show” of politics. Half-wit Alvin Greene, who ran for the Democratic Senate nomination to challenge sitting (which is about all they do) Sen. Jim “Never NeedsContinue reading “South Carolina Goes Greene”