My Colonoscopy, Like The Kavanaugh Probe Results, Came Back Negative

One-in-three folks over fifty who need a colonoscopy fail to have one. That’s nuts. It’s easier than it’s ever been, and not getting this thing done might kill you. So schedule one now, before Obamacare implodes further and you can only see your doctor in a few years if you sign up to caddy onContinue reading “My Colonoscopy, Like The Kavanaugh Probe Results, Came Back Negative”

Tariffs Cost Americans Money And They Seldom Work

Every bad political idea starts with a false premise. The “Affordable Care Act” lie, that we had an awful health care system and government could fix it and save families “$2,500 a year,” spawned the ObamaCare disaster. The Bush-era intelligence agencies’ fibs were that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and we had toContinue reading “Tariffs Cost Americans Money And They Seldom Work”

Trump Upsets the Ruling Class With His POTUS-Operandi

If you wonder why the entirety of Washington and the entrenched ruling class of major cities hate Trump, it is simple. He may mess up their honey hole, the mindless money faucet that is Washington D.C. — and thus, the power so many derive from it. Too much power over our lives has been sentContinue reading “Trump Upsets the Ruling Class With His POTUS-Operandi”

Obamacare Bill: A Game Of Hide And Seek

As Obamacare predictably collapses and the Senate decides how to vote on the House repeal, here is a column I wrote in March, 2010: Obama says we have been “debating” the Obamacare bill for a year, and now it’s time to ram it through in a down – or up yours – vote. Democrats viewContinue reading “Obamacare Bill: A Game Of Hide And Seek”

Trump’s Golf Summit: I Like Spike(s)

On Sunday, Donald J. Trump used golf to woo a member of the more conservative Freedom Caucus into seeing things his way and to try to forge an understanding on moving forward on important matters like ObamaCare reform. Invitee Senator Rand Paul Tweeted: “I had a great time today with @realDonaldTrump and believe we are getting closerContinue reading “Trump’s Golf Summit: I Like Spike(s)”

Government Intrusion In Health Insurance: Let’s Fix It Right

In large measure, the reason Trump was elected against the desires of the GOP and later the Democrats, is that he is really neither. The inability to get the health care revision bill passed last week emphasizes why Americans elected Trump: to break up the caucuses that are driven by special interests and to getContinue reading “Government Intrusion In Health Insurance: Let’s Fix It Right”

Hey, Obama — When’s My Healthcare Cost Going Down By $2,500?

Hillary Clinton condescendingly called half of Trump supporters “deplorables” and looked at them with contempt. Trump then proposed allowing working families to deduct the cost of childcare, one of the biggest entitlements proposed in years. One would think that after seemingly four years of primaries, the Dems and the GOP would, by now, have at least nominated someone from their own parties. Hillary’s carefully controlled, personalContinue reading “Hey, Obama — When’s My Healthcare Cost Going Down By $2,500?”