Potential Problems In North Korea — Kim Gone Un?

As American lemmings dutifully isolate themselves, only to hear the latest and ever-changing government theories on COVID-19 mitigation, another Asian menace presents itself in the form of the rumored failing health of the “beloved leader” of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. What could happen in North Korea if the “devil we know” dies is troubling.Continue reading “Potential Problems In North Korea — Kim Gone Un?”

Trump Snarls Back At Lil’ Kim: ‘Locked And Loaded’

Putin, Castro, et al are all multi-billionaires. North Korea’s “Dear Leader,” Kim Jong-Un, and his family are billionaires too, while his people starve in obsequious servitude. Communism always works well for the ones in charge of it. Communism and socialism tout their great achievements “for the people” — free health care, free education and equality.Continue reading “Trump Snarls Back At Lil’ Kim: ‘Locked And Loaded’”

Lil’ Kim – Failure to Launch

Another saber-rattling exhibition by North Korea happened over the weekend. Scared by Trump’s bombing of Syria and Afghanistan, evil dictator Kim Jong-un tried to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile, but it barely made it off the launching pad. He immediately executed ten military officers.  He then ordered his state-employed missile scientists to examine the levelContinue reading “Lil’ Kim – Failure to Launch”

Hu’s On First?

It was a mixed reception for China’s President Hu when he visited the United States last week. Like all politicians, he highlighted our shared interests and downplayed the giant pandas in the room: fair trade and human rights. We owe China so much money that most Americans were relieved he did not start foreclosure proceedings.Continue reading “Hu’s On First?”

Ships Passing In the Night

It seems Fidel Castro had a deathbed conversion and now seeks to move his country toward capitalism. He told 500,000 government employees that they need to find work in the private sector. Their response, “What is a private sector? The economic policies of Castro and Obama are like two ships passing in the night; weContinue reading “Ships Passing In the Night”

Government Health Care—Whether You Want It Or Not

“If the bill loses … it will, I think, by and large be the president’s Waterloo, and I think a lot of Democrats understand that,” — James Carville Americans do not want this massive government takeover of our health care. Fearing that Cajun extraterrestrial James Carville is correct, Obama is intent on ramming it down our throats.Continue reading “Government Health Care—Whether You Want It Or Not”