Just Do It — Boycott Nike

Fall is usually a great time of year. We stop fighting each other over politics and race and go back to not liking each other because of what football team we support. Oh, wait — now the NFL has combined the two, and there is no respite. As a result of feckless national anthem protests andContinue reading “Just Do It — Boycott Nike”

Tiger Woods: Master of His Domain

Tiger Woods has become his own cautionary tale, and he’ll make his biggest pitch for redemption yet by playing in the venerable Masters Golf Tournament this week. And what better place to stage his comeback than Augusta National, a place that does not allow women? With its tight security and hometown celebrities like James BrownContinue reading “Tiger Woods: Master of His Domain”

Yoga: Don’t Just Do Something—Sit There

Ever since the Pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock in their attempt to escape European tyranny (but mostly soccer), we have sought to adopt foreign “activities” we could make our own. Such is the case with yoga, which has swept the affluent areas of this country like Starbucks. Yoga involves spending lots of money, investing time,Continue reading “Yoga: Don’t Just Do Something—Sit There”