These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree

Due to the fact that the institutions are largely government-funded, higher education has become an overpriced failure full of left-leaning political cronies. Bloated colleges with tenured professors who seek to indoctrinate students, rather than educate them, diminish our country. Kids leave college under-educated and frustrated, espousing illogical social beliefs that cause them to be humorlessContinue reading “These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree”

Coddled Millennials’ Lack Of Preparedness Hurts Economy

A Pew Research Center study confirmed what most of us already knew.  More Millennials (those born after 1982), around 35%, are living with their parents rather than alone or with a partner. You’ve heard of “empty nest syndrome.”  We now suffer from full basement syndrome. The poll, showing that 26% of even college grads moveContinue reading “Coddled Millennials’ Lack Of Preparedness Hurts Economy”