A Decline In Prius Envy

Congress dragged Toyota to Washington to testify in one of the indignant show trials they so love. I wish they would subpoena themselves and bring Congress before a Senate hearing, under oath and under the hot lights of TV cameras. Then we might get to the roots of most problems in America: too much governmentContinue reading “A Decline In Prius Envy”

Statist Of The Union: Are You Better Off Than You Were $3 Trillion Ago?

President Obama made his State of the Union speech/lecture last week, opening with the obligatory, “I am happy to report that the state of our Union is strong.” As any entertainer will tell you, it is smart to start with a good joke. A friend told me that Obama should have gone to the podiumContinue reading “Statist Of The Union: Are You Better Off Than You Were $3 Trillion Ago?”

Chains We Can Believe In

Home-run record holder Mark McGwire finally came clean on his steroid use in 1998, the year he broke the record. People were shocked; Sammy Sosa’s face turned white as a sheet when he heard. When Alex Rodriguez admitted to taking steroids, he was seeing Madonna. She has always had a thing for baseball players. IContinue reading “Chains We Can Believe In”