Grammys’ Big Winner: Adele. The Rest: Hello From The Lemming Slide…

Entertainers took time from giving each other awards to give each other awards at the Grammys on Sunday. I’m surprised they could spare the time out from Trump-bashing, but they did manage to honor themselves yet again. It’s nice for celebrities to get some attention. I admit I do watch the Grammys; they are myContinue reading “Grammys’ Big Winner: Adele. The Rest: Hello From The Lemming Slide…”

A Tiger’s Tale

The Tiger Tale ended at the Bay County, Florida Courthouse last week when Elin Woods got her divorce finalized. An African-American man has not been as uncomfortable in Panama City since Barack Obama pretended to vacation there the weekend before. Tiger Woods’ marriage effectively ended when he sped out of his driveway last November, hitContinue reading “A Tiger’s Tale”