Democrat Talking Point: ‘Our Democracy is Under Attack.’ Really?

Since they lost in the 2016 presidential election, Democrats from Hillary Clinton to candidates for statewide offices have been fed this talking point to use constantly. They say, “Our democracy is under attack.” Leftist reporters never follow up with the obvious question: How so? They just nod in agreement and go on to do allContinue reading “Democrat Talking Point: ‘Our Democracy is Under Attack.’ Really?”

Teens Having Less Sex: Blame Libertarians

The Centers for Disease Control has reported a sharp drop in the number of teenagers having sex. About 44 percent of teenage girls admitted to doing it, down from 51 percent in 1988, late in the Reagan years. Those who are having sex are using protection; teen births have plummeted 57 percent in 30 years.Continue reading “Teens Having Less Sex: Blame Libertarians”