Mr. West Goes East — Kanye Raps A Song Trump Likes

Kanye West left California and flew East to visit with Donald Trump. Their meeting was quite interesting. Now, the media has to redouble their efforts to destroy Kanye, an African American who dares to think for himself and is trying to escape the Democrat plantation that owns the black vote. It is hypocritical that theContinue reading “Mr. West Goes East — Kanye Raps A Song Trump Likes”

Yay For Kanye!

Democrats are scared. Kanye West just ran away from their lock on the black vote in America. And, like fellow Democrats did during slavery, they are sending their hounds after the escapee. The modern-day hounds are what Kanye talked about on Jimmy Kimmel’s show: the media, social and personal bullying in the left that goesContinue reading “Yay For Kanye!”