Hawkeye Caucus Ca-Ca Show

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is winning the botched Iowa caucuses as of this writing. He has yet to say how he will redistribute those points to his fellow candidates equitably and not based on merit. It was a come from behind win. My guess is that if Bernie ultimately wins, he will not give many toContinue reading “Hawkeye Caucus Ca-Ca Show”

From Russia With Love

“History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.”  —  Mark Twain If you thought we were reliving the Jimmy Carter administration with oil issues, a bad economy and policies that are just making it worse, problems with Iran, and a president who is in over his head, then it just gets more “déjà vuContinue reading “From Russia With Love”

Fox-y Lady: Palin As Politician, Journalist Or Celebrity?

Sarah Palin took a leave of absence from her Russia-watching post in Alaska to become a Fox News contributor. Who could have seen that coming? She represents diversity on Fox as that network’s only non-blonde correspondent. It was either that or become the fashion editor for Field and Stream magazine. As I have said forContinue reading “Fox-y Lady: Palin As Politician, Journalist Or Celebrity?”