Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided

A study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 36 percent of Americans can pass a basic citizenship test (74 percent of those 65 and older could, while only 19 percent of those 45 and younger could). Educators were embarrassed, and noted that this is the worst score on the citizenship testContinue reading “Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided”

The Last Of The Mohegans – Casino

In 1978 the Shinnecock Indian Nation applied to be recognized by the Federal Government; the same year Roman Polanski skipped bail on rape charges. They are now getting some finality on both, so as you can see, the Feds are working through their inbox quite briskly. As I remember history, the Native Americans lost thisContinue reading “The Last Of The Mohegans – Casino”