FBI: Trying To Separate Trump From His Kids

The FBI — long given immense, unaccountable powers to arrest and ruin American lives on a whim — is finally facing some real consequences of its own hubris. During the Obama Administration, the hallways of FBI management were filled with hyper-political Democratic bureaucrats willing to break the law to garner favor with “shoo-in” for presidentContinue reading “FBI: Trying To Separate Trump From His Kids”

Drama Queen James Comey Spins His Case In Comey v. Comb-Over

“The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.” —  Ralph Waldo Emerson about a dinner guest. In preparation for James Comey’s opening act with his buddy George Stephanopoulos, I watched the movie “Chappaquiddick” on a rainy Sunday afternoon. This new movie about an old subject reminds us that when risingContinue reading “Drama Queen James Comey Spins His Case In Comey v. Comb-Over”

Loretta Lynch On NBC Tells Us A Lot About The Swamp Creatures

Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch shopped for a soft interview to preemptively rebut former FBI Director James Comey’s upcoming book. When “Deep State” swamp rats fight, a lot is confirmed about what we know regarding the corruption at the political top of the FBI and DOJ. On Monday, Mrs. Lynch found the softest of softballContinue reading “Loretta Lynch On NBC Tells Us A Lot About The Swamp Creatures”

When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline

Here is what has happened so far in Special Counsel Mueller’s collusion probe and how government has spent our $20 million. As the FBI was ignoring specific and spot-on citizens’ tips that could have stopped the Florida school shooting, it continued to chase around political campaign volunteers for not filling out their paperwork just right.Continue reading “When The Mainstream Media Gets Beaten To Their Russian Punchline”

The ‘Memo’ Matters – And Here’s Why

We have grown an alphabet soup of powerful agencies like the FBI, DHS, NSA, DOJ, IRS, etc. We invest them with immense powers to arrest and to ruin lives, with scant accountability. We allow them to operate in clubby secrecy because they tell us we have to. Why?  When Congress (which supposedly has oversight) subpoenas them, theyContinue reading “The ‘Memo’ Matters – And Here’s Why”

Mueller?…. Mueller?…. Mueller?

So a special counsel has been hired, former FBI Director Robert Mueller, to look into something about Trump — I think. Mueller is well respected by members of Congress on both sides of the aisle and has their unwavering support — right up until he renders a conclusion different from their own theory. Then heContinue reading “Mueller?…. Mueller?…. Mueller?”

Where We Let Terrorists Really Hurt Us

With the TSA handling more packages than Fed-Ex this holiday season, we need to revisit our overreaction to the sucker punch that was 9/11. We know that the 9/11 hijackers were a loose band of religious zealots carrying out the commands of Osama bin Laden. They had no army and not many followers. The onlyContinue reading “Where We Let Terrorists Really Hurt Us”