Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas

Let me say upfront: I’m a free-market libertarian, and I never advocate for more regulation — mainly because it doesn’t work and it is done by government (which I trust only one-tenth as much as I trust business). If you study history, our nation’s biggest financial problems stemmed from highly regulated areas: the mortgage crisis,Continue reading “Silicon Valley Oligarchs Break Public Trust With Leftist Agendas”

Facebook Unfriends Our Increasingly Over-Regulated Capital Markets

Facebook really seems to have “legs.” I thought the phenomenon of this social networking site would have slowed down a few years ago after folks reviewed my family reunion pictures from Dollywood, but I was wrong. Perhaps I will post pictures from my upcoming trip to Euro-Dollywood, which I think is in Alabama. Facebook recentlyContinue reading “Facebook Unfriends Our Increasingly Over-Regulated Capital Markets”

Hu’s On First?

It was a mixed reception for China’s President Hu when he visited the United States last week. Like all politicians, he highlighted our shared interests and downplayed the giant pandas in the room: fair trade and human rights. We owe China so much money that most Americans were relieved he did not start foreclosure proceedings.Continue reading “Hu’s On First?”