Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided

A study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 36 percent of Americans can pass a basic citizenship test (74 percent of those 65 and older could, while only 19 percent of those 45 and younger could). Educators were embarrassed, and noted that this is the worst score on the citizenship testContinue reading “Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided”

These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree

Due to the fact that the institutions are largely government-funded, higher education has become an overpriced failure full of left-leaning political cronies. Bloated colleges with tenured professors who seek to indoctrinate students, rather than educate them, diminish our country. Kids leave college under-educated and frustrated, espousing illogical social beliefs that cause them to be humorlessContinue reading “These Are The Undereducated Masses With A College Degree”