The Una-Bubba Sends Fake Bombs To Fake News Outlets

Let’s agree that strip club bouncer (and aspiring pizza delivery man) Cesar Sayoc, hyped up on steroids and living in his van, is not a criminal mastermind. Going into an election, this nut job has handed Democrats a gift and the status they love — the highest honor a Democrat can bestow upon himself: victim. This South Florida Una-Bubba misspelled the names of many of the folks to whom he was sending the packages. The poorlyContinue reading “The Una-Bubba Sends Fake Bombs To Fake News Outlets”

Hillary Slips After Trashing American Voters In India

Liberals manufacture one thing well: pious outrage. To a “progressive,” any protest, no matter the thoughtlessness of it, is a good protest. The “Resist!” movement, NFLers kneeling for the National Anthem, and now high school kids demanding we get rid of all guns are the latest simplistic, feel-good examples. The self-proclaimed leader-in-exile of the “resistance”Continue reading “Hillary Slips After Trashing American Voters In India”

Looking Back At 2010

As I do at the end of each year (which usually elicits many e-mails, but I am going to do it again anyway), here is my look back at 2010. England’s Prince William became engaged to long-time girlfriend Kate Middleton, whose charisma reminds many of Princess Diana. The Royal Family hopes Kate does not upstageContinue reading “Looking Back At 2010”

Spitzer Swallows A CNN Show?

It has become alarmingly apparent that pop culture is more important than substantive news reporting. Infamy, which allows vapid “stars” or dubious “celebrities” to insert themselves into the public discourse, has become commonplace. Witness the curious case of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who is in negotiations with CNN to host a one-hour show.Continue reading “Spitzer Swallows A CNN Show?”

Massa Of His Domain: Political Intrigue and Tickling

NEW YORK CITY — “In the Navy,Yes, you can sail the seven seasIn the NavyYes, you can put your mind at ease…..In the Navy, in the Navy, in the Navy”—The Village People Politicians often make my job easy. Now we have the curious case of former Rep. Eric Massa (D-N.Y.) and tickle champion. In aContinue reading “Massa Of His Domain: Political Intrigue and Tickling”