Mideast Megalomaniacal Despots On the Run

“Freedom, in a political context, has only one meaning: the absence of physical coercion.” — Ayn Rand in Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who rules with an iron fist while wearing a comfortable-looking Snuggie, looks to be the next victim of a growing surge toward democracy in the Middle East. But there isContinue reading “Mideast Megalomaniacal Despots On the Run”

Truther Or Dare

Lost in the Egyptian democracy movement, the ouster of Hosni Mubarak and the huge, deficit-spending, $3.7 trillion budget just submitted by Obama (worry not — he says he has a plan to cut the deficit 10 years out) is what is important to Americans: What has been going on with our celebrities? With our 140-character, Twitter-and-text worldContinue reading “Truther Or Dare”

Egyptians Unfriend Mubarak

Last week our puppet show in Egypt ended, but it was a good run. The problem is that the USA would rather deal with the thug we bought and paid for, Hosni Mubarak, than a theocracy we don’t know. So a nation in the Middle East, one of the few that kind of does notContinue reading “Egyptians Unfriend Mubarak”

Charlie Sheen In Two and A Half Ounces

With the elections over, politicians can now go from lying about their opponents in attack ads back to their normal pastime: lying to the American people. This allows me a respite from purely political commentary to opine on one of the recent uber-liberal, celebrity slow-motion train wrecks: the curious case of Charlie Sheen. On aContinue reading “Charlie Sheen In Two and A Half Ounces”