Gov. Blagojevich: Free At Last!

“I’ve got this thing, and it’s (expletive) golden. And I’m just not giving it up for (expletive) nothing. I’m not going to do it. And I can always use it. I can parachute me there.” — Governor Rod Blagojevich on trying to sell Obama’s Senate seat Ex-Illinois Democrat Governor, Rod Blagojevich, nicknamed “Blago,” had hisContinue reading “Gov. Blagojevich: Free At Last!”

THE DEPORTABLES: Media Fake Outrage Over Trump … OOPS … Obama-Era Immigration Policy

The latest in the left’s shrill attempt to undermine Trump is showing pictures of Obama-era detention centers with kids in chain-linked areas. Then they wax sanctimonious about how it is so cruel and that Trump is evil. They feel that acting with fake outrage gives them virtue. The media, which is the Democrat Party now,Continue reading “THE DEPORTABLES: Media Fake Outrage Over Trump … OOPS … Obama-Era Immigration Policy”

No Statists Of The Union In This Administration!

During the Obama years, the State of the Union address was a divisive and arrogantly partisan lecture by a smooth-talking president. He lectured Supreme Court members so much that some stopped attending. Hopefully, this year we can focus not on the messenger but on the message, which seems to be working together on immigration andContinue reading “No Statists Of The Union In This Administration!”

Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations

Members of the Obama Administration may still have to testify after reports surfaced that Senators told Obama of Russian meddling in 2016 — and he did nothing. Thinking Hillary was going to win big, he didn’t want to “taint” her election. Speaking of taint, the Clintons might finally have to answer for their nefarious UraniumContinue reading “Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations”

Trump Administration Ends Government Shakedown Practices

Buried in all micro-drama distractions of the Trump administration are many of the good things it has done. One of the many under-reported accomplishments occurred in June, when Attorney General Jefferson Beauregard Sessions said the DOJ would reverse one of the sleazy practices of the Obama administration: allowing prosecutors to cut deals with corporate targetsContinue reading “Trump Administration Ends Government Shakedown Practices”

Lil’ Kim – Failure to Launch

Another saber-rattling exhibition by North Korea happened over the weekend. Scared by Trump’s bombing of Syria and Afghanistan, evil dictator Kim Jong-un tried to fire an intercontinental ballistic missile, but it barely made it off the launching pad. He immediately executed ten military officers.  He then ordered his state-employed missile scientists to examine the levelContinue reading “Lil’ Kim – Failure to Launch”

Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation

We all kept looking for the evidence that, as the Democrats and their media kept saying, Donald Trump was in bed with the Russians. As of last week, there was no evidence, and then he bombed Russia’s ally, Syria. So the final answer is: Nyet! Since most are disciplined and rewarded by the Democrat machineContinue reading “Democrats Have Mastered The Great Conflation”

Obama Proclaims He “Saved the U.S. Economy.” That’s Demonstrably Untrue.

In search of any plausible, positive legacy item, even if they have to manufacture it, Democrats have advanced the false narrative that Obama “saved the economy.” It would be a neat thing if it were true. Let me parse out the facts of this spin, echoed by the media and academia, as it relates toContinue reading “Obama Proclaims He “Saved the U.S. Economy.” That’s Demonstrably Untrue.”

Let’s Make Capitalism Cool Again

Inside Barack Obama’s rhetoric of “income inequality” and “attack the rich,” used mainly to sway envy-driven, simple minds, was always a dangerous subtext: Capitalism and entrepreneurs are bad. Trump needs to get us back to our capitalist roots, cut government, and start running government like a business. Now only 3.6% of 30-year-olds or younger ownContinue reading “Let’s Make Capitalism Cool Again”

A Look Back At 2016: A Year Of Living Angrily

Here is my annual look back at the year coming to a close: Self-driving automobiles made progress in 2016. The fear is by 2025 4 million American truck driving jobs will be in jeopardy. The only truck driving jobs left will be for ISIS suicide jihadis. Governor Jerry Brown, always eager to regulate, issued aContinue reading “A Look Back At 2016: A Year Of Living Angrily”