Our Spying-Industrial Complex Needs To Be Reviewed

Here is what we learned about this administration in the wake of purported Russian “phishing” of Clinton Campaign Manager John Podesta’s email. Valuable DNC secrets were protected by an elaborate set of fail-safe passwords, namely “password.”  This followed years of high-level DNC meetings where attendees openly discussed their mothers’ maiden names, the names of theirContinue reading “Our Spying-Industrial Complex Needs To Be Reviewed”

The Porkulus Political Payback Project

Having Pelosi and Obama in charge of spending is like putting Arnold Schwarzenegger and ex-IMF President Dominique Strauss-Kahn in charge of hiring the maids. Buried in last week’s news was a report from the General Accounting Office (I guess they don’t do specific accounting) that thousands of companies that cashed in on President Barack Obama’sContinue reading “The Porkulus Political Payback Project”

Mow Money, Mow Problems

HARRISON, Tenn. — After spending a few days in Atlanta last week, it was nice to get back to Tennessee and the country for a while. Atlanta streets have so many bone-jarring potholes that some have Starbucks in them. The “Pothole Posse,” a name the former mayor gave the team tasked with filling in someContinue reading “Mow Money, Mow Problems”