Ron Hart’s Official Christmas Wish List: Attention Deficit Disorder Edition

I hope Judge Roy Moore rides away on his horse, “Sassy.” It is Christmas, and he can hang around the mall until the kiosks close. (I think malls there still have a place to tie up your horse.) Or he’ll continue to be a leader in Alabama; he currently leads the state in most promsContinue reading “Ron Hart’s Official Christmas Wish List: Attention Deficit Disorder Edition”

Money Diverted By NFL Commissioner Hasn’t Silenced Players

In a Slate interview, San Francisco 49ers safety Eric Reid said he’s been told the National Football League is planning to allow owners to shift money pledged to other charitable campaigns like breast cancer and Salute the Troops to the players’ seven-year, $89 million program to fund social justice causes. It’s a cowardly attempt byContinue reading “Money Diverted By NFL Commissioner Hasn’t Silenced Players”

Another Government Shutdown Showdown: Just Shutter Down

The theatrics surrounding government funding standoffs could be avoided if Washington politicians didn’t have the budgeting skills of an Ole Miss frat boy. I am not the least bit concerned about the federal government shutting down over the spending bill to keep it running. A shutdown is not a problem — I worry when theContinue reading “Another Government Shutdown Showdown: Just Shutter Down”

Condem-Nation: Today’s Race to Denounce

When news breaks of a sexual allegation or an event like the violence in Charlottesville, VA, there’s a breathless race — before any due process or facts are vetted — to denounce the event. Not only must you denounce and condemn a purported, media-hyped event, you must do so very quickly and in terms thatContinue reading “Condem-Nation: Today’s Race to Denounce”

Things To Be Thankful For (And Not Thankful For) For This Thanksgiving

Here is my annual ADD list of random things I am thankful, and not so thankful, for this year: In his quest to shape his legacy, Trump ordered the execution of 10 Thanksgiving turkeys previously pardoned by Obama. I’m glad my friend Rand Paul is OK after his left-wing neighbor squirrel-jumped Rand while he wasContinue reading “Things To Be Thankful For (And Not Thankful For) For This Thanksgiving”

My Colonoscopy: Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone

One in three folks over fifty who need a colonoscopy fail to have one. That’s nuts. It’s easier than it’s ever been, and not getting this thing done might kill you. So schedule one now, before Obamacare implodes further and you can only see your doctor in a few years if you sign up toContinue reading “My Colonoscopy: Going Boldly Where No Man Has Gone”

Mueller Is Weaponizing Criminal Law For Political Gain

As most assumed, lobbyist and fired Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort was indicted by Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation. This indictment had nothing to do with Trump’s campaign. The investigation into Russian collusion by Trump has been an expensive, media-encouraged attempt to find some major smoking gun. So far, this  “scandal” hasn’t lived up to itsContinue reading “Mueller Is Weaponizing Criminal Law For Political Gain”

Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations

Members of the Obama Administration may still have to testify after reports surfaced that Senators told Obama of Russian meddling in 2016 — and he did nothing. Thinking Hillary was going to win big, he didn’t want to “taint” her election. Speaking of taint, the Clintons might finally have to answer for their nefarious UraniumContinue reading “Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations”

Trump Might Lead To “Cafeteria Politics”

You’d think Trump would be happy when his presumably favorite team, the  Syracuse Orangemen, beat #1 Clemson last week. Instead, he picks a name-calling Twitter fight with our great Senator Bob Corker as if he were Rosie O’Donnell. Trump continues to isolate himself as a Party of One. He picks battles with the GOP aboutContinue reading “Trump Might Lead To “Cafeteria Politics””

Political Correctness Is Leading To Comedy’s Slow Death

“When humor goes, there goes civilization.” — Erma Bombeck On his deathbed, comedic actor Jack Lemon popularized the saying, “Dying is easy, comedy is hard.” He’d have no idea how hard comedy would get in the 2017 Orwellian world of PC police and Millennials who have been taught to be perpetually offended. The left dominates humor.Continue reading “Political Correctness Is Leading To Comedy’s Slow Death”