Democrats’ Debt Ceiling Demagoguery

The one thing all Democratic politicians have in common is that they could not do well in the real world. Most could not run a business or organize a high school musical. If you are financially inept, D.C. is the best place to be, since there is safety in numbers. As a result, we haveContinue reading “Democrats’ Debt Ceiling Demagoguery”

Bin Laden Lives On Through the TSA

We celebrated our freedoms on the Fourth of July, but we seem to be slowly losing them. The wars we are still funding and the TSA are prime examples of how knee-jerk government policies, once set in motion in reaction to fears both real and imagined, hurt the very people they profess to protect. SadlyContinue reading “Bin Laden Lives On Through the TSA”

The Historic Obama-Boehner Golf Summit

First there was the “Beer Summit” after Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr. claimed, and Obama agreed, that the Cambridge police “acted stupidly” when they were called to investigate a break-in at his home. Later it was determined that the officer just did his job. Then, in damage-control mode, Obama invited the Cambridge police officerContinue reading “The Historic Obama-Boehner Golf Summit”

Bummer Of Recovery

How is your “summer of recovery” going so far? To refresh your memory, the Obama administration proclaimed this was going to be the summer when all his economic fixes began to pay off. He even assigned “Sheriff Jumpin’ Joe” Biden to oversee it. The result of his actions: an inelegant demise of an otherwise recoveringContinue reading “Bummer Of Recovery”

Nancy Pelosi Finally Demands Weiner Probe

“Left-wingers are incapable of conspiring because they are all egomaniacs.” — Norman Mailer Full-time liberal Congressman and part-time photographer Anthony Weiner had a hard week. While Mitt Romney was announcing his candidacy for the presidency and outlining his vision for turning the country back to the right, Weiner showed pictures of his idea for AmericaContinue reading “Nancy Pelosi Finally Demands Weiner Probe”

Schwarzenegger, Please!

As the press follows its president to Ireland to trumpet his “Irish” roots, O’bama will speak about the value to the U.S.A. of immigration. I suspect Maria Shriver should give the rebuttal. On the bright side, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s actions have officially made him a Kennedy. At least the Kennedys did the country proud with theContinue reading “Schwarzenegger, Please!”

An ILL Wind For Business — Boeing, Boeing Gone?

To understand Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats, examine the Petri dish of their experiment in liberal (rebranded as “progressive”) policies in Obama’s home state. They are policies that dampen the spirit, incentive, productivity, and self-reliance of entrepreneurs; they force companies to cut nefarious deals with politicians in order to stay in business. Then politiciansContinue reading “An ILL Wind For Business — Boeing, Boeing Gone?”

Osama Got 72 Virgins And We Get Obama’s 72 Versions

The vast majority of Americans agree that CIA enhanced interrogation techniques led to the killing of Osama bin Laden. But the question remains: Why is Obama’s attorney general, buddy, and chief “get back at The Man” thug Eric Holder still pursuing prosecution against those who made this happen? Among Obama’s many hypocrisies and blatant politicalContinue reading “Osama Got 72 Virgins And We Get Obama’s 72 Versions”

Pakistan’s Motto: What Happens In Pakistan Stays In Pakistan

Osama bin Laden was killed by Navy Seals and dumped into the sea New Jersey Mafia-style. So we can say that he was taken out by seals and now sleeps with the fishes. Perfect. Obama, who spends much of his time vilifying high achievers, should be proud of this elite force on which we callContinue reading “Pakistan’s Motto: What Happens In Pakistan Stays In Pakistan”