NFL, If You Kneel For Anything, You Stand For Nothing

The NFL has somehow opened its season and at the same time tied itself to the muddled message of professional malcontent Colin Kaepernick and the BLM movement. We are not sure what they are mad about or asking for, and we are tired of being preached to by hypocrites who do not understand their ownContinue reading “NFL, If You Kneel For Anything, You Stand For Nothing”

Hiden’ Biden Pokes His Head Out Of The Basement

The football season opens with NFL players taking knees, BLM taking the streets, Trump taking a strong law-and-order position and Biden taking a nap. Trump seems to be all over the place and working hard as always. Trump visited North Carolina, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Illinois and Virginia. In response, Joe “Plugs” Biden stepped up his travelContinue reading “Hiden’ Biden Pokes His Head Out Of The Basement”

Ministers Should Do More Than Laypeople

My great-grandfather was a Methodist minister with a sense of humor. His rural congregants loved him. When a parishioner suggested that he ask God for rain to relieve a drought, Great-grandad told him he would but that he was in sales, not operations. Today it seems that the era of the humble minister is longContinue reading “Ministers Should Do More Than Laypeople”

Some Observations On The DNC And Coronavirus

Here are a few odd observations on this awful year when we had to confront two major issues: racial injustice and men not washing their hands. The DNC has mercifully ended. It was a painfully negative portrayal of America and Americans. By contrast, the RNC has been upbeat and optimistic. Herschel Walker gave a movingContinue reading “Some Observations On The DNC And Coronavirus”

How Things Have Changed So Quickly In Our PC World

I’m old enough to remember when my pancake syrup was not racist, washing your hands ten times a day was OCD, water was free, porn cost money and Ellen DeGeneres was nice. Apparently, after Ellen was kind to George Bush, we find out that she runs a “toxic” workforce. But we do know that inContinue reading “How Things Have Changed So Quickly In Our PC World”

Hidin’ Biden — So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her

Trying to atone for his pawing, sniffing and allegedly assaulting women over the years, and fearing the far left, Joe Biden announced (when he was behind in the polls) that he’d pick a woman as his VP The day has come. Now that polls in key states show Biden winning, he might be more strategic.Continue reading “Hidin’ Biden — So Close To A VP Pick He Can Smell Her”

Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided

A study by the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation found that only 36 percent of Americans can pass a basic citizenship test (74 percent of those 65 and older could, while only 19 percent of those 45 and younger could). Educators were embarrassed, and noted that this is the worst score on the citizenship testContinue reading “Let’s Reexamine Education And Why ‘Woke’ Is Misguided”

With Biden, Dems Try To Prove Just Any Idiot Can Beat Trump

With press agents CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, et al, Joe Biden has somehow been able to hide in his basement and still rise in the polls. The less you see of him, the better for him. Biden says he is the agent of change needed in D.C. to fix all the problems of theContinue reading “With Biden, Dems Try To Prove Just Any Idiot Can Beat Trump”

Capitulation Nation — If You And I Disagree, You Are A Racist

As part of this recent race reconciliation “dialogue” we have been having, “Juneteenth” has gotten publicity, so I looked into it. Juneteenth commemorates June 19th, 1865, when slaves in Texas were proclaimed free. Earlier that year the 13th Amendment, which ended slavery, was passed, and it was ratified in December, 1865. Since then it has beenContinue reading “Capitulation Nation — If You And I Disagree, You Are A Racist”

Sporting Events Are Leading The Reopening Of America

Even with all the fear and loathing directed toward defeating Trump in five months, there is much to be optimistic about. The good news is we have learned a lot about COVID-19 and how to live with it — not so much from healthcare bureaucrats or Governor Cuomo (the self-proclaimed experts), but from living, actual,Continue reading “Sporting Events Are Leading The Reopening Of America”