Kavanaugh Gets ‘Borked’: That’s Your New Democratic Party

Searching through the mists of time (36 years ago), and at the 11th hour of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court confirmation process, the Left has stage-managed accusations against Trump’s nominee. And in this orchestrated accusation, the accuser does not remember the place and the time. Everyone she said knew of the incident denies it.

Who knows what happened in this “he said, she said” spectacle? But no one can deny that it’s 99-percent political. A California college professor and left-wing donor hired Democratic activist lawyers to manage this smear campaign. She said did not want her accusation made public, but Democrats leaked her story to their comrades at the Washington Post and she was outed.

Next, the “drive-by media” like MSNBC will breathlessly report that 54-year-old Brett Kavanagh kicked a pregnant woman in the stomach 53 years ago. The woman was also a judge, which showed his disrespect for the justice system and women at an early age.

All these smears come down to the unfounded fear that a conservative Supreme Court might overturn Roe v. Wade, yet all nominees say it is “settled law.” The justices wear robes, so lefties think they are the Klan. And they fear the court might rule that Rachel Maddow is straight.

To most in the “resistance” movement, the end justifies the means — no matter how many lives and families they destroy.

I learned about sex the way most high school boys do: trial and error. Maybe Kavanaugh, who is about my age, was an awkward teenage nerd about sex. That’s the best case in what these Democratic stalwart accusers are suggesting, that he was on top of her making out, both fully clothed, at a drunken party, and at some point, she said “no.” In her narrative, she averted a rape. Really?

If, in their world, every 17-year-old high school boy who rounds second base and is called off running to third is an “attempted rapist,” then we live in a crazy world of the progressive Left’s making. Even if you are a far-left woman, do you really want your son, father, husband or brother accused of attempted rape 36 years later because of something so high school-ish as this?

The untenable conditions set by the professor-accuser before she would testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee, which has bent over backward to accommodate her Democratic activist lawyers’ demands, have mostly been met.

In stalling, she says she is so “traumatized” by this alleged incident of over-the-clothes groping 1982 (or was it 1984?) that she can’t fly to D.C. She must drive. Never mind that she often visits family on the East Coast and did her graduate work in Hawaii.

The outrageous notion that she wants Kavanaugh to testify first and then she will level her charges second is contrary to our justice system. It is like a pitcher saying, “You swing first, and then I will throw the ball.”

This is another “high tech lynching,” as Justice Clarence Thomas so aptly put it in his own Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Look at tapes of Clarence Thomas defending himself in that hearing. My friends — that is a man.

Accuser Mrs. Blasey-Ford is a liberal college professor and Democratic donor, soon to be the “heroic” toast of her party. It’s curious to note that all the sensational major false accusations of white males had college origins: the Duke lacrosse team, UVA fraternity rape, college professor Anita Hill, etc.

Do we want to live in a world where someone with an agenda and zero corroboration can ruin a man and his family? Think hard; in the progressive utopia the left imagines, this could happen to you.

Maybe the left is not incapable of thinking that any man could be a sexual aggressor, since Democratic-housed Harvey Weinstein, Anthony Weiner, Al Franken, former New York Attorney General Schneiderman, former (and short-term) governor Elliot Spitzer, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, current DNC second-in-charge Congressman Keith Ellison, et al., are.

Kavanaugh is the latest lawyer problem for Trump, who has plowed through lawyers: Michael Cohen, Ty Cobb, and now White House Counsel Don McGahn, who has said he will quit after Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is the only Confederate statue Trump needs to remove.

If one more attorney around Trump goes down in flames, he might end up having to get his next representation by calling one of those slip-and-fall lawyers who advertise on a bus or get one on Legal Zoom.

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