Dems Are Playing Russian Roulette With Investigations

Members of the Obama Administration may still have to testify after reports surfaced that Senators told Obama of Russian meddling in 2016 — and he did nothing. Thinking Hillary was going to win big, he didn’t want to “taint” her election.

Speaking of taint, the Clintons might finally have to answer for their nefarious Uranium One deal with Russia. About the time Hillary’s State Department approved selling 20% of our uranium to Russia, Bill accepted $500,000 to give a speech there and the Clintons accepted tens of millions of dollars in Russian donations to the Clinton Crime Family Foundation.

Now The Hill reports, “FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama Administration approves controversial nuclear deal with Russia.”

Just to recap, Special Prosecutor Mueller is staffed up with a bunch of ex-Clinton/Obama supporters and is tasked with looking into unsubstantiated claims that Russia might have monkeyed with our election by colluding with Trump. So far, says Mark Penn, a Clinton ally, only $6,500 of Russian Facebook ads went to electioneering. So, Congress spends $10 million plus investigating $6,500 of Facebook ads.

Contrast that nothingness to the Clintons, who took millions in “donations” from Russians and gave them 20% of our uranium supply. Nothing to see there, say the complicit leftist media, which have not reported on this since The Hill bombshell a week ago.

Instead of pantsuits, the Clintons should be made to wear those NASCAR driver jumpsuits so we can better identify who all bought them. That pay-to-play Clinton Foundation scam needs investigating.

As I warned Democrats in February when they launched the frantically dubious Trump/Russian collusion witch hunt, you may be setting out to bring a president down, but it might surprise you which one you get.

Giving the Clintons the checkbook for their “foundation” is like giving your PIN to your alcoholic brother-in-law with a gambling problem who lives in your basement. The foundation was nothing but an influence peddling scam that gave away a very small amount of the money for which it shook down crony capitalists.

Hillary fell short in her historic quest for the presidency and for any hopes of the Clintons becoming a two-impeachment family. When Hillary was not  elected, the gig was up and they had to shut down the pay-to-play Clinton Foundation.

The Clintons ostensibly ran their “foundation” out of his publicly funded “Clinton Library” in Arkansas. It’s the only presidential library that has  2-for-1 drinks Ladies Nights, at least until Trump opens his “Donald J. Trump Presidential Library, Golf and Casino,” coming in 2024 to a town near you.

Hillary can really pick her men. Apparently Harvey Weinstein’s donation money will not be returned. There’s her buddy Anthony Weiner, and then there is Bill Clinton. Weinstein and Bill Clinton took sexual harassment of women seriously; Anthony Weiner just seemed to phone his in.

But she claims “sexism” lost her the election and that she works tirelessly for women’s rights. Now women have the right to drive in Saudi Arabia, at about the same time in history that cars are allowed to drive themselves.

To keep the spark in their marriage, the Clintons like to find new and exciting ways to engage in graft. The latest is her book deal. She got a $21 million advance on her “memoirs,” similar to her husband’s. That’s good coin for the memories of a couple who could not remember anything under oath.

Hillary is now on a book promotion tour in England, where she defends Colin Kaepernick and kneeling for our national anthem. She said going down on one knee is not protest, it is a sign of “reverence.” Which goes a long way to explain all the “reverence” women had for Bill in the Oval Office.

She says in her book that the president stalked her and she thought “Back up, you creep.” He’s a man who makes her “skin crawl.” I am thinking about buying the book just to see which president she’s referring to.

All this Russian/Trump collusion mess really traces back to the bitterness that staunch Democrats harbor about losing the election. The opposition, in their minds, could not have had better ideas. They must have been evil, racist people.

In Hillary the left seems to want to continue romanticizing a lost cause. So how about we do a “lost cause” swap? The Northeast and West Coast can have Hillary, and the South can keep our statues.

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