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Ron Hart Columns: GOP 101: A course in Palin-tology

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GOP 101: A course in Palin-tology

November 25, 2009 - Appeal Democrat

By Ron Hart

Sarah Palin is doing what all presidential candidates do before they run. No, she is not developing workable plans to fix our problems. (I really wish Obama had run some numbers on how much that "hope" thing he campaigned on was actually going to cost us.) Sarah Palin has written a best-selling book and is out promoting it. Who would have guessed?

You remember Sarah Palin, the prettiest vice presidential candidate not to win since John Edwards.

I saw her interview on Oprah. She still has that hunted-by-the-left look in her eyes when she answers questions from the opposing side - the opposing side, being just about every interviewer in the mainstream media. That explains how this woman went from confident and magnetic, when she burst on the scene and gave her speech at the GOP convention, to the "caribou in the headlights" look she has now. The same thing happened to Dan Quayle after he misspelled "potato" - the media pounced. Of course, they did not pounce when Obama said twice that he had been to all 57 states.

She is the constant target of the left. They seem fixated on her as the most viable Republican candidate they can pre-emptively tear down. But in fairness, Sarah really has limited appeal; primarily to the Evangelicals and pro-life segments of the GOP, the parts the left loves to hate the most. We libertarians would not support her and only a fraction of the independents would.

She certainly would have been better than Obama, but she is not what the Republicans need for 2012. John McCain's campaign manager/strategist clearly had an uphill battle in 2008 to achieve any Republican victory. Sarah Palin was a sensible "Hail Mary" pass that I fully understand.

Like most American men, I would not like to see Palin in the White House. I would like to see her in a Toby Keith music video, clad in a skimpy outfit and splayed across the hood of Ford 150 pickup truck. She energizes my base.

Even a left-wing hacker, a young man from Tennessee, broke the code on her password-protected Yahoo account and gained access. The Palin women really need to use better protection to avoid trouble from young men.

Speaking of which, her almost-son-in-law, Levi Johnston, will soon be baring his for "Playgirl Magazine." He gathered his brain trust and they decided, "Hey you want a great way for you to look smart and maybe get your kid and credibility back? What say you pose naked?" Of the nearly 50,000 subscribers to Playgirl, I understand that about 10 of them are women, so that should go well.

Among his many firsts, Levi may be the first centerfold to be photographed lying naked on a rug made from the skin of a bear that the mother of his child actually shot.

While the young Levi was posing for "Playgirl," Palin was on Oprah posing like she is not running for president. Contrary to what many think, Oprah and Sarah have something in common: they both helped Obama get elected. But when Palin was asked if she would be campaigning to become the leader of the free world in 2012, she seemed uncomfortable - maybe because the current, self-appointed leader of the free world was sitting right there.

Palin has done at least one thing of value. She has helped to unmask the left-winged media as a harsh, partisan and manipulative group bent on advancing its own ideology. She may keep the media distracted while the GOP desperately searches for its next real Ronald Reagan. Sadly, at this point I have no idea who that is.

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