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Ron Hart Columns: Immigration answers? Ask Native Americans

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Immigration answers? Ask Native Americans

July 6, 2007 - Columbia Daily Herald

By Ron Hart

A monumental occasion transpired last week that many did not fully appreciate. Congress' attempt to act like they were "doing something about immigration" was revealed to us for what it was, a layering of yet another set of complicated laws that they would not have enforced. Congress continues to validate my inherent mistrust of it.

The fact that the immigration bill did not pass says two things. First, Bush is so weakened by his own missteps and hubris that he could not pass a bill that gave away free ice cream on the Forth of July. Second, we, as American citizens, put so much pressure on these cowardly representatives of ours that they folded. This rarely happens, so we should all take note.

If Congress wants to get expert testimony as to what can happen to a country when you do not control your borders, I would suggest they talk to Native Americans (you know them as Indians). Not controlling their borders really changed their way of life.

So to reframe the immigration debate, it goes about like this: The Democrats want to exploit this situation in hopes of creating, in the minds of the Hispanic aliens, the sense that they are victimized; thus creating a much needed voting block. The Republicans are inclined to do something, but they really want to finish that fieldstone wall at their house on the cheap before they send these workers home. Thus the battle lines are drawn.

Politicians find themselves in tall weeds here, and it is kind of funny for many of us to watch them wallow in a problem that their inattentiveness has caused. Hillary speaks to the illegal protestors at a rally, but she has the Unions to kowtow to (not the first time or last time "kow" will be used to describe Hillary) and cannot be too easy on them. The GOP has its paranoid Pat Buchanan racist fringe that is afraid a Puerto Rican might marry their daughter.

We should take the flood of immigrants here as a compliment to our economy and the power of capitalism to "lift all boats" of those who want to work. We have 4.6 percent unemployment here and a vibrant economy. You will be hearing more about this from the press when we have a Democratic President, but it is true.

Having just celebrated July 4th, a brilliant U.S. tradition that combines fireworks and heavy drinking, we should reflect on our country. People are willing to float here on a Styrofoam ice chest to flee socialist countries, yet many here do not appreciate what we have.

Mexicans have a long history of coming to the USA; there were 10,000 of them at the Alamo. My studies indicate that there would have been more, but they only had three cars.

The fundamental problem I have with illegals is that they are often not taxed like the rest of us. To be a real American, you have to be over-taxed and forced to watch big government waste your money on pork projects and fancy hookers. That is why I have pushed for the Fair Tax, which collects all tax revenues at the cash registers of America when any person buys something. We already collect a sales tax; we need to abolish the IRS and the complex lobbyist written tax code and make sure all people pay taxes with the "Fair Tax."

Illegals burden the schools, hospitals and roads without paying said taxes; in fact, most send the money they make back to their home country. The Heritage Foundation estimates that an average low-skilled illegal family cost the state and local government $30,000 a year. The costs are about $8,000 per child in school, perhaps more to teach English, and the costs of charity hospitals, etc. In Atlanta, we are about to bankrupt Grady Hospital which we pay for with local property taxes to the tune of about 30 percent of my property tax bill. Aside from being run by idiots, Grady treats all comers for free. Not a good business model.

I embrace immigrants as I have respect for hard-working, family-oriented people that want to make a better life for themselves in America. But, like most of you, I think that we as Americans should have the say-so as to what type of person gets in here, how many and under what conditions. My view is that if you come here from Cuba, you better have a 98 mph fastball.

As these folks become American citizens it will be fun to watch them become complacent and take for granted all that we have here. Then, over time, they will get lazy, shiftless and can then start resenting the immigrants in this country!

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