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Ronald Hart is a syndicated op-ed humorist, award-wining author and TV/radio commentator. His columns are carried in over forty newspapers and online publications including USA Today, Forbes, The Daily Caller, Orange County Register, Dallas News and Panama City News Herald.


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Hillary running, but is it toward – or from – Obama?

Hillary Clinton just announced that she is running for president. So when she tells you, don't forget to act surprised!

Change is in the air. We who disagree with, and voice reasoned objections to, the liberal presidential policies of the Democratic Party can soon look forward to no longer being called racists and can, instead, look forward to being called sexists.

Hillary's relationship with Barack Obama has always been like her relationship with her husband: one of mutual political ambition and necessity rather than genuine respect. There is no love lost between the Obama and Clinton camps, but Hillary now has to decide whether to run with Obama or, given his lack of popularity, against him.

Her marital bargain with Bill Clinton is well-known, and her tense relationship with Barack Obama is similar. Hillary got her annual audience with Obama at a recent lunch, where she presumably cut her deal. It was an intimate affair, just those two and their food tasters....full column text

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Columns by Ronald Hart. Ron grew up in Tennessee and began writing a column for his hometown paper in 2002. He attended The University of Memphis and the Institute for Political and Economic Systems at Georgetown University. Ron graduated Magna Cum Laude and was elected student government president. Upon getting his MBA, he went to work for Goldman Sachs. He was appointed to the Tennessee Board of Regents by then Governor Lamar Alexander and is now a private investor. He appears on CNN and has been quoted in numerous publications including the Wall Street Journal. His columns reflect a rare combination of Southern libertarian views and humor. They have been described as "Lewis Grizzard meets P.J. O'Rourke with a dash of Will Roger's horse sense". His columns are carried by 30 newspapers with a total weekly circulation of approximately 1 million readers.